Our Vicar: Rev. Jose K. I.
Message from Rev Jose K I Vicar and President

2/1/2021 6:48:32 PM

Dearly beloved in Christ,

We are entering in to the second month of the 2021 and also going to enter the great Lenten season. Our faith and traditions are the outcome of the rich spiritual experience of our ancestors. Their meditations, prayers and visions have contributed to shaping the identity of our church. We are obliged to our forefathers for our beautiful today. The faith and practices of our church help us to live a committed life in the path of God. Our sacraments, feasts and fasts have always enhanced our worship tradition.

The great lent encourages the church to remember the public ministry, passion crucifixion and resurrection of our Lord. It is with Shubkono- worship of reconciliation that we enter into the lent season. Lent is the time where one needs to meditate up on the divine initiation beyond all human conditions. We are called to mend our broken relationship to God by returning to him. Thus it is the time when church as a whole is reconciled to God.

Fasting is seen in the old testament as well as the new testament. It is not mere an abstinence from food , rather it is the way of self-disciplining oneself so that one gets greater trained to listen and obey the word of God. Moses, Elijah and our Lord fasted for forty days and nights. Fasting is the outward expression of the inward reality of a painful and broken heart. Jesus in his sermon on the mount reminds, our fasting should not be like that of hypocrites who want to seek the attention of the people around. Fasting should be complemented with prayer. Prayer helps in building a personal relationship with God. Lenten prayer involves retrospection to one's life and renewing it according to the will of God.

The Lenten fast is a great opportunity not only to witness who Christ is in our lives but also to meaningfully change our lives to grow in our spiritual walk with Him. Do we sacrifice during lent out of obligation, or do we look to endure suffering and sacrifice as our Lord taught us for the betterment of others? His willingness to endure humiliation and suffering was to set us free. As we read in Isaiah 58, God asks Isaiah why people fast if at the end of it they are still quarrelling and striking one another. Why do people fast, if injustice, hunger and lack of clothing (3-11). The Lord tells Isaiah that when they help those less fortunate and change their behavior that the glory of he Lord will be their rear guard and He will hear them.

So may the Lord God help us to fast according to God's will. May the Lord almighty help us to draw near to God wholeheartedly during this lent. Amen.

Jose Achen.
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