Our Vicar: Rev. Jose K. I.
Message from Rev Jose K I – Vicar and President

3/1/2020 6:48:32 PM

Dear Salem Family,

We have entered a Lenten season. Lent is a time of sacrifice. Worship without sacrifice is meaningless. What are you giving up for lent? This is a question asked in churches, homes and schools throughout the world, usually after Ash Wednesday. Too often the answer is either dismissive (Oh I don’t do that) or meaningless (I am giving up some foods…just because my parents told me to or that’s what I do every year). However, the Lenten fast is a great opportunity not only to witness who Christ is in our lives but also to meaningfully change our lives to grow in our spiritual walk with Him.

Our desire to give up things for the Lenten fast should be an opportunity for us to witness who the Lord is in our lives. Do we sacrifice during lent out of obligation, or do we look to endure suffering and sacrifice as our Lord taught us for the betterment of others. His willingness to endure humiliation and suffering was to set us free. As we read in Isaiah 58, God asks Isaiah why people fast if they are still quarrelling and striking one another. Why do people fast if injustice. The Lord tells Isaiah that when they help those less fortunate and change their behavior that the glory of the Lord will be their rear guard and He will hear them. So, what are we fasting for the Lenten season?

Now a days we hear more about meditation, yoga dieting etc. Very often religious practice like lent observation is considered as something better for our body beautification. This is cosmetic spirituality than an inward spiritual change. Here prophet reminds us that our fasting/lent and other mode of spiritual practices are meaningless fashion if we are not seeking justice and righteousness. Lent is not a time when we just cut our weight or a time to look good and healthy outside. Rather lent is a time to accept everyone as they are. It’s a time of an opportunity to feel beautiful inside and make others feel the same way. It is clear that the issues of social justice, religious observance and Sabbath obedience are woven together. When fasting become fashions we slim both insiinside and outside. When fasting become righteousness and justice we enrich each other.

As we sacrifice, fill in with His righteousness, this Lenten season enables us to turn that sacrifice into a constant witnessing of His gospel and glory…. Amen

Jose Achen.
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