Our Vicar: Rev. Jose K. I.
Message from Rev Jose K I – Vicar and President

10/1/2020 6:48:32 PM

Dear Salem Family,

I greet you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

I believe most of our kids went to school last month. Let us pray that all continue to study safely. By the grace of God, we were able to successfully complete our Harvest festival last month. I appreciate everyone who cooperated. Those who want to be cooperated should take special interest and cooperate in it. The month of October we are observing as Edavaka Mission, Youth and family Sundays.

As an Edavaka Mission member our responsibility to carry out the message that you go in to all the world and become my witness. 1 Cori 9.20 Paul wrote he lived among the Jews like one of them. He respected their customs and traditions, but he acted differently where it was necessary in order to obey Christ. He worked among them like one of them, but Paul never forgot his duties to God. He wanted to show God’s Love to his people. Let us pray together this Edavaka Mission Day, Lord help us to prepare to be your witness.

October second and third week we are set apart as Youth and Yuvajana Sakhyam Sundays. The theme chosen this year as the Diocesan Yuvajana Sakhyam is Healing of the Nation. We live in a world where everyone needs healing. We are all called to be healers along with Lord. God’s loving care and concern for the suffering people is seen in every single move Jesus made. He trained His disciples with the plan of reaching out to the sick and the suffering which is accomplished through His disciples. Jesus commissioned His disciples to go heal, educate, serve and to make disciples. Multiplication of the disciples improve the healing mission and helps the suffering humanity. We are called to provide selfless care for the sick and suffering and share the burden of Jesus. God expects our commitment for partnership in healing mission is associated with a graceful obligation. The commission is a combination of decision, direction, dedication and dynamism. May the Lord God help our Yuvajana Sakhyam to understand the meaning of the great Commission and to fulfill our responsibilities in our life.

We have set aside October 25th as family Sunday. When God created human beings, He established the institution of family. Corporate worship was basically family worship. God’s relationship with Human beings existed through the establishment of family. Joshua made a choice for his home. His choice was for his household to serve one God only. It was a conscious choice against idolatry and for faithfulness. Similarly, we have to choose to live according to God’s design for us in our homes and families. Is your home His Home? Let family Sunday help us find the answer.

May the father almighty help us to be healed in these pandemic days. May Lord Jesus give us new energy, and May the Holy spirit give us new strength
Jose Achen.
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