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Our Vicar: Rev. Jacob John
Vicar's Message

9/1/2017 6:48:32 PM

Sacraments have important place in our worship. Sacrament is a means of grace, a visible sign, used to signify a spiritual truth and blessing.

Sacrament assures God’s blessings and assumes the faith of the participants. Our Achens, at the time of ordination they are commissioned to preach the word of God and to administer sacraments and rites. As we know certain symbols are used in the administration of the sacraments. We may think that how far external actions are necessary to have the grace in the sacrament. Through symbols connected with the sacraments, we can have lively and intense relationship with God. We will have deep spiritual experiences when all the senses of our body get involved and when importance is given to spiritual experience. Evelyn Underhill says, “Sensible stimulations of the eye, ear or even of taste, touch or smell can give supra sensible suggestion to us and awaken, nourish and deepen the worship sense. Any exclusive spirituality which rejects these homely aids, defeats its own end.” Our emotions cannot be fully expressed in words. Actions and gestures are essential to express our thoughts and feelings, and to receive the inner experience of penitence and joy. For example, kneeling down is the expression of our humility, penitence, and dependence on God’s mercy. Jesus himself used matter for the administration sacraments. Holy Qurbana was instituted with bread and wine (1Cor.11: 24, 25). So also the sacrament of Holy Baptism was instituted with water and the sacrament of the Holy Unction with oil. Thus we find that Jesus himself gave importance to the outward symbols and actions in the sacraments. It brings the inward spiritual experience also. There is also a possibility that the sacrament may get degraded and become mechanical and they become a substitute for the real experience. Hence we have to participate in the symbolic actions and rituals with the whole heart, submitting ourselves to the working of the Holy Spirit and continuing in the same spirit in practical life. - Rev: Jacob John V.

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