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Our Vicar: Rev. Jose K. I.
Message from Rev Jose K I – Vicar and President

5/1/2017 6:48:32 PM

Greetings in the precious name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. It’s a great privilege to address the members of Salem MarThoma family through the pages of Newsletter. Thank God for appointed me as the vicar of your church in the coming years. We are grateful to Jacob John Achen and family for their committed services rendered to the parish and faith community in various levels.

Parish is basically a congregation of worshippers assembling at a particular geographical space. At the same time parish is a congregation which stands for people in and around the parish.

Church being the body of Christ in sacramental. Church is sign and symbol at the same time. Church is a pointer and guidepost to the higher reality of the kingdom of God.

Our Late Metropolitan Dr. Alexander Mar Thoma wrote in his autobiography that his whole life was in the shadow of grace …… Paul was a powerful and effective evangelist who spread the gospel with great dedication .II Corin 12: 9 –Lord says, My grace is sufficient for you. In the same verse, God says to Paul and also to us ‘for my strength is perfect in weakness.’ I have experienced these strength and grace in my last fourteen years ministry. Pray for us to continuing ministry with the grace and strength from above.

God’s commissioning us to stakeholders in healing mission, reveals His generous heart to count us faithful and to entrust such a noble task. Even though we are found unworthy, God in all His love for us has not only saved us from bondage of evil and sin but also perfected us to be His partners in His mission through His generosity.

Proclaim the good news of nearness of the kingdom. The kingdom of heaven has come near. Proclaim is more than saying .It means showing ourselves, a living witness. The commission is a combination of decision, direction dedication and dynamism. Jesus sent out the disciples with authority to set people free. Let the almighty help us as parish to work with the authority through living witness.

We expect your prayers, support and co operation for our ministry in your parish. Regards. Jose Achen.

Parsonage: 57 Stevenson Pl, Deer Park, New York 11729
Tel. 631-522-1431 (Home)

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